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About Medi Beaute


Image by Federica Giusti

About Us


Medi Beaute was founded over 10 years ago with a mission to provide customers with confidence through beauty treatment and maintenance, at our outlets and at home.
Over time, our mission has evolved beyond merely providing beauty solutions. We champion values that we want you to enjoy – confidence, calmness, self-fulfillment – that contributes to your positive well-being.


Our services are enhanced to include proprietary beauty and skincare products, slimming and self-examination services, delivered at our flagship centre.

During the pandemic, we observed that many of you were challenged maintaining your beauty routine. By not looking your best, you were not feeling good about yourself, and your well-being suffered.
This should not be the case.

Well-being should not be compromised because of complicated beauty routines, the lack of maintenance or guilt associated with taking time or care of yourself.
And we set out to solve this challenge.

We believe that beauty leads to confidence and a state of mind that enables wellness and contributes to being comfortable, healthy, and happy.

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About Us


Creating a space for you to call your own. Through soothing colours and sounds, we bring you back to nature and its comforts.

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