Discover your Paradise


Creating a space for you to call your own. Through soothing colours and sounds, we bring you back to nature and its comforts.


Our History

In 2014, We opened our first flagship centre at 101 Premier Kuching, curating upscale, beauty treatments and aesthetic services to help every individual be comfortable in their own skin.


Since then, We helped thousands of individuals to achieve a more youthful, natural-looking appearance with our broad range of beauty treatments and aesthetic services that we provide. 

Today in 2020, Medibeaute has evolved, with a total of 16 stores all across Malaysia and a flagship salon in Singapore. With great support and compliments from our satisfied customers, it has motivated us to continue to instill our unyielding devotion to authenticity and affordable luxury into Medibeaute today.


Journey through our spaces, from the moment you arrive at our doors to our treatment rooms.